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Cranberry Crunch
Cranberry Crunch

Cranberry Crunch

Sometimes you just need to lighten up— and this is just the bar to do so. Creamy, organic peanut butter and organic honey are blended with whole food protein, organic cranberries, crispy puffed rice and 20 organic superfoods. So take a load off and know that your snack time is about to get a little more perfect!

Nutrition facts and ingredients
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What’s On The Inside

9g of whole food protein

We use only food protein and never rely on whey or soy.

Gluten Free

We are committed to being gluten free because we want Perfect Bar to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

20 Superfoods

Superfoods like fruits, vegetables, seeds and oils are found in every bar to provide a convenient source of vitamins and minerals.

Certified Non-GMO

We only use clean ingredients, which means non-GMO seeds to start.

Certified Organic

Our ingredients have been grown with farming practices that avoid use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

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